The Habanera Quartet celebrates its 30th anniversary

Le Quatuor Habanera fête ses 30 ans
As they are fond of seldom visited musical territories, the musicians of the Habanera Quartet have made their way according to the artists they have met since 1993. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, an opportunity for them to take stock of this human and musical adventure still in progress!

After their instrumental studies in the class of Claude Delangle at the CNSMD in Paris, Fabrizio Mancuso, Sylvain Malézieux, Gilles Tressos and Christian Wirth joined the chamber music class of Lazlo Hadady and Michel Moraguès.

Habanera Quartet - 1993

Rewarded with a First Prize for chamber music in 1995, the Habanera Quartet was admitted in 1996 to the advanced training cycle of this establishment and then built up a rare list of 9 First International Prizes for chamber music, 6 records and nearly 600 gigs.

On the occasion of their 30th birthday, the saxophonists look back on their journey...

Since their beginnings, the 4 musicians have been keen to generate repertoire and new music for the saxophone quartet. While they have developed numerous projects around the contemporary repertoire, they have also collaborated with artists from various worlds: Richard Galliano, Louis Sclavis, Michel Portal, David Krakauer, but also the actor Benjamin Lazar.

"It made us evolve in the right direction, allowed us to keep the naivety and the desire of a young group!"

The adventure will continue in 2024 with the creation of an opera accompanied by a children's choir in collaboration with saxophonist Vincent David !


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