Modèle 2022 n°001 at Vichy auctions!

Le Modèle 2022 aux enchères de Vichy !

Designed in limited edition on the occasion of the centenary of the very first SELMER saxophone, the alto Supreme Modèle 2022 was manufactured in 641 numbered pieces. All of them have been sent across the world… except for one, number 001!

The First and The Last One

An unprecedented version of the alto Supreme, the Modèle 2022 was produced in only 641 pieces, all of which quickly sold around the world except for one – numbered 001 – which was never put on the market.

This very first edition will be auctioned on May 6, 2023 as part of an exceptional sale organised by Vichy Enchères, an essential reference in terms of prestigious musical instruments. The profits will be donated to several charities working to develop the practice of music with underprivileged audiences.

Model 2022

The sale is accessible from all over the world live on the Interencheres website. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get an exceptional saxophone while supporting access to instrumental practice! See you on Saturday, May 6 from 1:45 p.m. at 16 Avenue de Lyon in Vichy, or online at www.interencheres.com.

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Other Exceptional Instruments with ReWIND

Other rare SELMER instruments coming from our ReWIND platform will be offered for sale:

SELMER instruments sold to Vichy

- Alto Mark VI: Made in 1969, it is a very rare saxophone which goes down to low A.

- Alto Cigar Cutter: Born in 1932 in the SELMER workshops in Mantes-la-Ville, this saxophone was first sold to a London musician before leaving to live new adventures in Sri Lanka… Find its story on video .

- Tenor Mark VII: The instrument has been played for years with a silver neck. The undeniable acoustic qualities of this alliance convinced us not to change!

- Alto Series III Millenium: A limited edition for the year 2000, unique finish with a solid silver neck. This is the last piece of the edition, which we exhibited in the window.

- M40 trombone: Fresh instrument which we kept in our SELMER “museum”.

Coming from our ReWIND project, these five instruments have been exceptionally reserved for sale at Vichy, after being overhauled and adjusted with the greatest care by our craftspeople.

Launched by Henri SELMER Paris in 2021, REWIND.fr is the reference platform for second-hand SELMER instruments. Vintage or recent, these instruments are overhauled in our workshops and then offered for sale on our site in order to make new musicians happy…


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