Jazz Flow, a universal mouthpiece inspired by the great standards

Jazz Flow, un bec universel inspiré des grands standards

Henri SELMER Paris answers a call from jazz saxophonists with the launch of the JAZZ FLOW, a new ebonite mouthpiece for alto saxophone, signalling the importance of jazz in the DNA of the Maison SELMER after years of development.

Acoustic signature

Inspired by the great mouthpieces that have marked the history of Jazz, this new mouthpiece is called Jazz Flow ; a tribute to musical improvisation and to one of the first SELMER mouthpiece models from the 1950s, the Air Flow. The ancestor of the Soloist, this very flexible mouthpiece offered musicians a wide palette of sound textures.

Thanks to its acoustic expertise and collaboration with musicians from various backgrounds, Henri SELMER Paris has created a mouthpiece offering a universal acoustic signature, particularly adapted to jazz and contemporary music (Funk, pop, electro, world music). Its sound is characterized by exceptional density, depth of grain and sound warmth.​

It is available in two openings: 5 (1.95mm) and 7 (2.05mm).


Material and manufacturing

For over a century, ebonite has been the preferred material for mouthpieces fabrication due to its remarkable properties offering exceptional acoustic quality and great longevity. Our ebonite, made from natural latex from the rubber tree, is certified non-toxic and conforms to the European Directive EU2009/48/EC.

Each mouthpiece is painstakingly fabricated in our worshops in Mantes-la-Ville (France), in digitally-controlled facilities designed to maintain our high-quality standards.​ Used for several years in the Swiss watchmaking industry, our machines ensure perfect repeatability with a tolerance of less than 0.03mm.

Manufacture of SELMER mouthpieces

Our 3D optical quality control machine, equipped with a high-resolution camera, meticulously scrutinizes all of the mouthpiece’s parameters to guarantee exceptionally precise fabrication.

Hugo Afettouche “It’s a mouthpiece that we wanted to be as versatile as possible, with a real emphasis on ease of response.

I had the opportunity to try it out with some of my students and I realised that it's really suitable for everyone, from the almost beginner who wants to get started with a jazz sound, to the much more experienced student, all of them have found it to be very broad and a great way of developing their own voice.

It is very flexible, with a rich timbre, but you can also round it out and get a slightly more mellow sound, which can be very useful in orchestral situation, for example”

Hugo Afettouche, co-developer of the Jazz Flow mouthpiece


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