ITEMM, a unique international training centre

L’ITEMM, un centre de formation international unique en son genre
Inaugurated in 1992, the European Technological Institute for Music Professions offers a complete range of training courses, supports companies and works to promote and develop the sector.

ITEMM, European center for instrument manufacturing

ITEMM (Institut technologique européen des métiers de la musique) is a training center dedicated to the art of instrument manufacturing. It is one of the few schools - the only one in Europe - offering training in the tuning, repair and manufacture of wind instruments, guitars, accordions and pianos, as well as in the trade of musical products and in sound and show business.


The institute also supports companies in the instrument manufacturing and music trades through its Research and Innovation center. This is a development area with specialized equipment for measuring, simulating and analyzing instruments and materials, acting as a shared research office for the profession. It also offers individual support to companies in their innovation projects.

Training courses for wind instruments

ITEMM has developed a complete training cycle dedicated to the technical professions of music, with an international reputation. The Technical Assistant in Musical Instruments CAP (vocational training certificate), wind instrument option, and the BMA (Brevet des Métiers d'Art), technician in instrument manufacturing, wind instrument option, are two-year training courses that enable students to master the operations of maintenance, adjustment, repair, even modifications at the request of customers, and the manufacture of sub-assemblies.

Continuing professional training courses are also organised for craftspeople to accompany them throughout their career.

ITEMM - instruments à vent

Henri SELMER Paris has had close links with the Institute for many years - Jérôme Selmer was also its Vice President. We share the same passion for the profession and the desire to preserve traditional craftsmanship while combining it with permanent creativity. We regularly welcome trainees and students from ITEMM to our workshops in Paris and Mantes-la-Ville, and a number of our craftspeople have been trained there.

A rewarded commitment

This year, ITEMM received the prestigious Prize for the intelligence of the hand® mention “Course of study”, awarded by the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation. This distinction has been awarded since 1999 for know-how, creativity and innovation in the field of arts and crafts.

ITEMM's research and innovation department will use this support to develop the OpenLab, an online knowledge and resource platform. The aim of this project is to support instrument manufacturing professionals in their technological (virtual, rapid prototyping, and computer-assisted manufacturing) and ecological (new materials, repair processes) transitions.


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