With the ISA (International Saxophone Academy), enjoy monthly online courses and events

Avec l'ISA (International Saxophone Academy), profitez chaque mois de cours et évènements en ligne
The International Saxophone Academy offers musicians of all nationalities the opportunity to learn from the world's best saxophonists and teachers. Going far beyond teaching saxophone, the organization offers master classes, coaching sessions, seminars on anxiety or project development, workshops on saxophone repair, interviews with composers…

A wide range of experience

Founded in April 2020 in a very particular context in the midst of the global pandemic, the ISA (International Saxophone Academy) aims to provide international access to high quality teaching through online master classes, conferences, competitions, Q&A

Working with instrumentalists, composers, conductors, repair technicians, artist managers and concert hosts, the ISA offers a diverse experience. The association allows you to join an international community of saxophonists to share and progress together.

Monthly subscriptions cost $80 and provide access to over 12 hours of content each month. Subscribers also receive special offers for private lessons and reduced registration fees for ISA competitions. By subscribing, you can also access the ISA video archive to view past events.


Master class and series

ISA's master classes offer saxophonists the opportunity to receive advice from the greatest, and to perform in front of an international community of peers.

ISA also offers a series on transcription. Saxophonists frequently perform music composed for other instruments. This series offers them a unique opportunity to study these works with great professionals of the original instruments!

A second series is dedicated to professional development and exploration of a variety of potential careers in music and beyond.

A third series invites saxophone specialists to share their experiences and guide musicians through all their repair needs and questions.


Presentations and interviews

Presentations are led by internationally renowned musicians. Programming includes interviews, lectures, group lessons, interactive classes on altissimo, double-tonguing, free improvisation, career development, composer collaborations, and much more.


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