Work-study offers at Henri SELMER Paris

Offres d'alternances chez Henri SELMER Paris
Designer and maker of wind instruments since 1885, Henri SELMER Paris relies on a production site of 20,000 m² and a workforce trained in more than 100 professions specific to the manufacture of instruments. Combining high technology and traditional craftsmanship, we regularly seek to enrich ourselves with multifaceted talents. We are currently recruiting work-study students for September 2023, in our workshops in Mantes-la-Ville or in our Parisian premises. Find our offers below!

Marketing and communication

1 year - Bac+5 communication and digital marketing (Paris)

  • Creation of content for social networks
  • Community management
  • Identification of influence relays to set up specific communication operations
  • Monitoring, content curation, reporting…


Sales, Marketing and Sales Administration

1/2 years - Bac+4 or Bac+5 Sales Business analyst (Paris)

  • Participate in the construction of commercial budgets
  • Track sales performance KPIs
  • Ensure the commercial reporting of the teams, and the digital reporting of web performance and social networks
  • Assist the Head of Sales Administration in the factory - head office coordination through the Industrial and Commercial Plan & the Production Program
  • Realize and analyze the price structures of our distributor partners
  • Ensure web-monitoring and report to the Sales Department
  • Ensure the commercial prospecting desk-research
  • Provide support to sales & ADV teams in the extraction, analysis and dissemination of data
  • Ensure the use and monitoring of good practices of the CRM tool



    2 years - BTS (Paris)

    • Verification of invoice import accounting entries
    • Entry of purchase invoices, entry of supplier or customer payments
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Follow-up of fixed assets, follow-up of deposits and quotes, follow-up of expense reports
    • Accounting revision
    • Preparation of circularizations
    • Preparation of the DAS2 and various tax declarations


    Human ressources

    1/2 years - Bac+4 or Bac+5 (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Recruitment – ​​Sourcing assistance
    • Development of the internal communication plan and communication actions on the recruitment site and school relations
    • Participation in the construction of GPEC tools
    • Participation in the HRIS implementation project
    • Legal monitoring
    • Participation in the preparation of meetings with IRPs. Structuring of the BDES


    Computer science

    2/3 years - Engineer oriented system and network and/or IT security (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Infrastructure improvement
    • Installation of servers and solutions
    • Improving the security of information systems
    • Provide part of the user support with the IT team


    Management control

    2 years - Bac+4 or Bac+5 (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Complete and make reliable the cash budget
    • Appropriate indicators, automate them, ensure reporting
    • Participate in the "productivity" project group and help with the action plans of the various workshops
    • Support managers with internal training in production management



    2 years - Bac Pro (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Driving and adjusting lathe and digital control
    • Participation in the change of series (preparation of tools and parts, assembly of tools and adjustment)
    • Improved machining monitoring (lifetime of cutting tools, etc.)
    • First level machine maintenance
    • Retouching parts


    Health Safety Environment

    2 years - DUT/HSE license or HSE engineer (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Improve the integration and management of safety in the workshops in order to improve risk prevention (performance of audits and monitoring of associated actions, establishment of safety points in the workshops and with supervisors, safety communication. ..)
    • Monitor safety actions on a daily basis and assist the HSE manager by acting as a relay at the workshop level
    • Work on energy saving and waste reduction, single document update update


    Logistics / Scheduling

    1/2 years - DUT/Engineer (Mantes-la-Ville)

    • Organization and Monitoring of Factory Kanbans (Configuration / Definition / Monitoring) and implementation of new ones in connection with new products
    • Pull Flow Monitoring (Organization - Configuration - Monitoring)
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Planning management assistance
    • Assistance in monitoring workshop performance (Indicators/Reporting)
    • Optimization of Flows and ERP (Configuration)



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