A certain trip with Guillaume Perret

Nouveau voyage avec Guillaume Perret
The musician Guillaume Perret had already transported us by creating the soundtrack of the film "16 sunrises", the incredible adventure of our Axos alto saxophone among the stars in the hands of the spaceman Thomas Pesquet. He comes back two and a half years later with "A certain trip", an album in which he continues his sound explorations for our greatest pleasure.

An invitation to the inner journey

Insatiable sound explorer, Guillaume Perret evolves in an unclassifiable universe between jazz, funk, electro, also drawing from rock or even metal and oriental sounds. Each new album is a new journey that propels the listener into an atypical and bewitching universe.

Reaffirming his taste for exploration and fusion of styles, Guillaume Perret unveiled the first track of his album A certain trip in a lunar and psychedelic clip. A powerful music that invites you to travel...

You can listen the full album on Spotify, Deezer, Apple music, Qobuz, Tidal. You can also buy the album.


Patience is the guardian of the soul

The announcement of the album's official release was accompanied on social networks by a hard-hitting photo with the annotation "Patience is the guardian of the soul".

The artist confides that the delivery of the album was long and trying. The release was initially planned for September 2019, but was postponed to November and then March. The musician had to accept the setbacks and be patient. "You have to accept blockages and delays as a sign from destiny that you have to act with caution," he writes.


An outstanding instrument for an unclassifiable artist

Guillaume Perret's trademark is also his electrified instrument, equipped with microphones, sensors, mixers, lights reacting to the sound...

If the musician has been involved since his beginnings in the electrification of his instrument with pedals and do-it-yourself projects of all kinds, it is in 2016 that the engineers and craftsmen of the Henri SELMER Paris team offer him to produce custom-made pieces. They fix the LEDs at the bottom of the roof, put in place a passage for the cables so that none of them come out of the roof...

Then on the eve of summer 2019, they decide to refurbish this old Mark VI from 1968 to give it a second birth. On the program: dent removal, sandblasting, brushing, custom screws, changing springs, felt-tip pens, stamps, and even custom engraving.

Dazzled by the result and the passion deployed by our craftsmen in Mantes-la-Ville and Paris, the artist then published a beautiful testimony accompanied by extracts from the notebook made for him, recounting the key stages of this rebirth and transformation.


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Photo credits: Timothée Raymond - Loïc Guilpain