Discover the new generation of Prologue clarinets!

Découvrez la nouvelle génération de clarinettes Prologue !

The Prologue clarinet gets a makeover! In order to inspire the young - and young at heart - to play the clarinet, Henri SELMER Paris has designed new features for this model that facilitate learning and progress in clarinet practice…

The clarinet that makes you want to play!

The Prologue clarinet by Henri SELMER Paris embodies a long tradition of artisanal excellence, recognized for the quality of its acoustics by clarinetists of all periods and styles.

This innovative model offers a revolutionary thumb rest, an ergonomic tone hole insert for small hands, reduced instrument weight and an ergonomic register key, all of which facilitate learning and practicing the instrument. ​

The Prologue adds a touch of whimsy by allowing musicians to personalize their instrument with a choice of six colorful bands for the bell – a feature unique to this instrument.​

Create good vibrations with the Prologue clarinet!​

Clarinet bell colored rings


Revolutionary thumb rest

Thanks to its 3-dimensional adjustability, the ergonomic thumb rest by Henri SELMER Paris aides in correctly positioning the right hand:

Clarinet thumb rest Prologue
  • Facilitates covering of ring notes and little-finger key access​
  • Offers improved distribution of the instrument’s weight​
  • Prevents the right hand from developing the bad habit of supporting the clarinet through the ring keys

Ergonomic thumb rest The principle for adjusting the Henri SELMER Paris ergonomic thumb rest is simple, but unique in the world. It can be easily fitted to all the models in the Bb and A range.

Screw A allows adjusts the thumb rest on 2 axes:

  • North-South axis
  • Rotation of the thumb rest around its axis

Screw B allows for an East-West adjustment of the thumb rest.


Ergonomic register key

Key of 12th clarinet It is very rare to find a clarinet in this price range equipped with an ergonomic register key:
  • A new key design with more material, making it easier to access the upper registers
  • A more natural position (45° angle) during play
  • This avoids unnecessary tension, maintaining comfort and agility as you play.


Removable ergonomic tone hole insert

The acoustic qualities of a clarinet are particularly defined by the bore and by the diameter of the tone holes. To help young players cover the largest tone hole on the clarinet, Henri SELMER Paris has developed this special tone hole insert, which is easy to insert and remove.

Prologue removable clarinet ring

The ring is easy to clip onto the chimney of the D/G tone hole: simply pressing with the thumb is sufficient.​ It is also easy to remove, as below, using a pen cap for example.

Prologue removable clarinet ring

Mechanics and aesthetics

Delta prologue The Delta symbol, engraved on the upper body, differentiates this new version from the previous one. The new clarinet is also lighter, with 30 grams less wood! Furthermore, the addition of a ferrule on the upperpart of the barrel makes the barrel/mouthpiece junction more reliable.

The new Prologue clarinet is currently available with 17 keys, and will be available from September with 18 keys (E-flat lever). You can choose to decorate the bell with one of the 6 colorful bands provided with the instrument.

Prologue, a student clarinet with professional qualities
Made in France in our workshops in Mantes-la-Ville, it has all the positive attributes of a great SELMER Paris clarinet! Its bore offers great sound quality: homogenous and balanced sound in all registers, and its key and tone hole positioning provides excellent pitch accuracy relationships.


Accessories included

The Prologue clarinet comes with a set of accessories :

  • Focus mouthpiece
  • Nickel silver plated ligature
  • Plastic mouthpiece cover
  • Backpack case
  • Care kit (swab, cork grease)
  • 6 interchangeable color bell rings
  • Ergonomic D/G tone hole insert

Accessories prologue clarinet


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