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Principal chair in the clarinet section of the orchestra, Eb clarinet is in numerous symphonic works. Henri SELMER Paris believed it was important to integrate recent advances in acoustics, ergonomics and aesthetics into the instrument...


Muse creative freedom

The Eb Recital - conceived in the 1980s and recognized as one of the best models on the market - is bowing out to make way for the new Eb Muse clarinet.

Directly inspired by its predecessor, the Eb Muse clarinet retains its acoustic qualities while incorporating our latest improvements in pitch accuracy, ergonomics and mechanics.

For four years, the Research and Development team at Henri SELMER Paris, along with a selection of orchestra clarinetists from various countries, combined their knowledge and experience to create the professional Eb Muse clarinet. This instrument is the clarinetist’s trusted tool: its bore, its exterior diameter, its balanced pitch, its new ergonomics and its mechanics benefit from the rigorous conception and excellent manufacturing quality of Henri SELMER Paris clarinets.

Its unique dimensional characteristics and the quality of the wood give the musician the freedom to round out the instrument’s timbre, naturally rich in harmonics.

Acoustic quality

The bore and exterior diameter are identical to those of the Eb Recital. The thickness of the wood is indeed one of the main strength of the instrument, giving the musicians great confidence to play.

We then took inspiration from the advances made in the Bb and A Muse clarinets to modify the shape and positioning of certain holes to obtain a better balance of tuning.

Another new feature: the clarinet has been padded with cork (except for the 4 bass pads which remain in leather), in order to guarantee an easier emission, a more precise playing and a better definition of the sound.

Mechanics and materials

The Eb Muse clarinet is made from the finest materials. The body is made of 100% grenadilla wood, selected for its high density and stabilized for 3 years in a checked environment. The bell ring is made of black chromed metal.

Mechanical improvements:

  • Adjustment screw for the C lever
  • Optimized mechanical response for the E/G and F#/C# arms
  • New position for the Eb arm

Technical improvements:

  • Arm bar
  • Rounded attachments on the ring line

Clarinette Mib Muse

Aesthetics and ergonomics

The ergonomics of the instrument are inspired by those of the Bb and La Muse clarinets, allowing a very quick adaptation and a great ease of playing.

  • New keywork design , including:
    • Left-hand little finger keyboard
    • Right-hand 1st trill key
    • D#/A# key
  • New lightweight design thumb rest
Eb Muse
In addition, the overall design has been refined and modernised. It is inspired by the Bb and A Muse clarinets, with a new ring design (matte black chromed and silver plated), refined pipe exit and exterior bell shape, the insertion of the iconic 'S' on the upper body, and the engraving of a feather on the lower body.


Included accessories

Muse Eb clarinet accessories
  • Mouthpiece C85 120
  • Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cover
  • PRISMe case (single and double)
  • Maintenance kit (cleaning swab, grease stick, microfiber cloth)
  • Muse inspirational notebook: offered with every purchase of a Muse clarinet, this exclusive 160-page notebook was created by Henri SELMER Paris in collaboration with clarinetist Kinan Azmeh. This notebook will unleash the creativity of each artist through unique reflections and exercises.





Jessica Bessac

"All the qualities of the Recital brought together with a new comfort, subtle mechanical improvements, and even easier emission and intonation."

Jessica Bessac, Principal Eb clarinet of the French National Orchestra




Olivier Derbesse
"A warm sound in every register, an ease of emission in the piano nuances of the upper register and a remarkable flexibility. I also love the possibilities for sound modulation."


Olivier Derbesse, Principal Eb clarinet of the Orchestre de Paris



Barbany Robson

"My first sensation when I held the E-flat Muse was the feeling of holding a B-flat clarinet, because its ergonomics is so natural. Its design is superb, its accuracy of pitch is impeccable and the sound is soft and powerful."

Barnaby Robson, Soloist of the English National Opera Orchestra, Professor at the Royal College of Music in London




Daisy Dugardin
"Like with the B-flat Muse, I find the E-flat Muse really easy to play, with a quality of colors in the sound that’s woody and soft, just how we like it."


Daisy Dugardin, Eb Clarinet of the Roots4Clarinets Quartet



Alain Billard

"As soon as I played this instrument, I was pleased to find a smoothness in the low register, and exactly the same smoothness in the high register. Then, the keywork allows to have dexterity even when you have big fingers."

Alain Billard, Soloist of the Ensemble Intercontemporain




Philip Berrod
"The sound is dense, rich, with a beautiful colour. In addition to this beautiful sound quality, it is a generous clarinet, easy to play."


Philippe Berrod, Professor at the CNSM of Paris




Barbara Borowicz
"The grip of the E-flat Muse clarinet is really very natural, and the new keywork makes it very accessible and comfortable. It has a great sound quality, in the tradition of Selmer E-flat clarinets."


Barbara Borowicz, Professor at the University of Krakow



Stephan Vermeersch

"A very open sound, very homogenous from the low end to the high end, and an instrument that can take everything you can give it. The feeling of freedom with the E-flat Muse is fantastic!"

Stephan Vermeersch, Soloist, composer and teacher



Hosup Song

"Playing the E-flat clarinet requires a particular technique and a specific sound. The E-flat Muse clarinet is an excellent partner in this delicate repertoire."

Hosup Song, Professor at Chugye University of the Arts - Seoul



Thierry Mussotte

"Compared to the Recital, which I have been playing with pleasure since 2008, the Muse provides additional comfort thanks to its vibration, the brilliance of its sound, and above all its ergonomics!"

Thierry Mussotte, solo Eb clarinet of the Orchester National de Lyon



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Eb Muse

Eb Muse

Directly inspired by its predecessor, the Eb Muse clarinet retains its acoustic qualities while incorporating our latest improvements in pitch accuracy, ergonomics and mechanics...