Comité Colbert : Henri SELMER Paris joins the most prestigious French houses

Comité Colbert : Henri SELMER Paris rejoint les plus prestigieuses maisons françaises
The Comité Colbert groups together 84 houses and 16 cultural institutions in the fashion, craftsmanship, gastronomy, hotel and culture industries, such as, among others, Cartier, Bugatti, Christofle, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Baccarat. Each new member is selected on the basis of five essential criteria: international ambition, quality, creation, poetry of the object and ethics. Henri SELMER Paris entry into the Comité Colbert thus symbolizes the recognition of its instruments, its know-how, its history and its commitment.

To promote the French art of living

Created in 1954, the Comité Colbert's mission is to promote French culture and the French art of living throughout the world. It organizes numerous events and collective manifestations abroad to promote French taste. The strength of this collective enables it to maintain solid contacts with local cultural and academic institutions, but also with decision-makers and politicians in many countries. It can thus act with the public authorities on the opening of certain markets or against the scourge of counterfeiting.

Preserving know-how

The committee is engaged in various partnerships with art and design schools to support quality education and generate a pool of young talents. It thus promotes the preservation of artisan expertise and the intangible heritage it represents.

Carrying common values

The collective is also a platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and good practices concerning social, societal and environmental responsibility. The member houses set objectives around four values : demand, aesthetics, durability and respect.


« The Henri SELMER Paris manufacture possesses world-renowned know-how. For four generations it has celebrated the sense of hearing and participated in the alchemy of the senses that characterizes the luxury sector.»

Elisabeth Ponsolle des Portes,
Spokesperson for the Comité Colbert

By selecting Henri SELMER Paris, the Comité Colbert opens up for the first time to the profession of sound and instrument manufacturing, thus recognising the company as working for the international influence of the French art of living.


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