Claude Delangle and the body wisdom

Claude Delangle, la sagesse du corps
Professor at the CNSM in Paris, Claude Delangle also chairs the Conservatoire's Sports and Cultural Association (ASCCV). Himself an adept of the Pilates, he invites each musician to take care of his/her first instrument: the body.

A musician is constantly soliciting his body, his first working tool. He engages many muscles while playing, but must also carry his instruments when moving around, or adopt static postures for long hours in class or in the orchestra. If the body can hold up for many years, it often ends up manifesting itself more or less violently: tendinitis in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck pain, blocked back, even dystonia.

For Claude Delangle, becoming aware of the posture that avoid tension or fatigue and facilitates breathing and the holding the instrument, is the first step. He also encourages to devote an hour or two a week to muscle strengthening with a specialised coach, such as those hired by the Conservatoire.


The practices are diverse: Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Alexander, Feldenkreis, Bertherat, postural stretching or even meditation and sophrology. Claude Delangle has been practicing the Pilates technique for many years:

“A global approach to the body including exercises based on breathing, concentration, relaxation, self-control, alignment, centering and fluidity. I appreciate its precision and I measure its benefits every day in terms of musical energy and concentration.”

There are obvious benefits to smart sports activity even when you are in good health. The physical and mental work offered by these techniques therefore allows the musician to improve his state of mind and his playing...

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