Clarinet Fantasia & Open'Injazz, Philippe Berrod and his students invited to the Institut National des jeunes aveugles

Clarinet Fantasia & Open’Injazz, Philippe Berrod et ses étudiants invités à l’Institut National des jeunes aveugles
On April 13, Philippe Berrod and the student clarinetists of the CNSM of Paris will share the stage of the INJA with the group "Open'Injazz", made up of blind and visually impaired musicians.

Four years after the wonderful Clarinet Fantasia at the Bal Blomet, Philippe Berrod is organizing a new evening of musical encounters in partnership with the l'Institut National des jeunes aveugles (INJA - National Institute for young blind people).

The establishment, which is designed to welcome and train young blind people and to facilitate their integration into working life, has a large music department and houses an orchestra made up of students, former students and music teachers from the Institute.

The INJA Big-Band, directed by Eric Gesland, will perform a varied repertoire (New Orleans - Swing - Funk). The CNSM clarinet choir - accompanied by former students Ann Lepage, Joë Christophe, Bogdan Sydorenko and Rémi Delangle - will play works by Tomaso Albinoni, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Joseph Zemp, Florent Milhaud and Alexis Ciesla. You will discover Alexis Ciesla's new creation for three clarinets and a dancer - the talented Elisa Delajungle.

Rendez-vous on Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 7pm at the INJA - 56 bd des invalides 75007 Paris.
The concert will take place in the prestigious André Marchal Concert Hall, in a historic building inaugurated in 1844.

Entry is free pricing, registration here, with a drink offered by Maison SELMER after the concert. Profits from this concert will be donated to the institute to improve the support of visually impaired people.


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