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Choose your neck

Choisir son bocal de saxophone
Henri SELMER Paris has created a range of necks for saxophones, making it possible to personalize your instrument by meeting specific needs in the search for sound and playing comfort.

Several finishes are currently available : Lacquered, Silver plated, Brushed, Black, Gold plated, Solid silver. We also offer Antique lacquered finish for Reference and Supreme and Signature saxophones.

Finishes Selmer necks

Given that the parameters can differ from one model to another, it is difficult to lay down a general rule; however, we can observe that particular materials or finishes have certain affects :

  • The gold plated finish acts directly on the centeredness, precision and richness of the sound.
  • Solid silver affects the dynamics and general homogeneity.

Even so, only an actual test will allow you to fully appreciate the intrinsic quality of each of these necks.


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