Blue Giant, a manga about jazz passion adapted into an animated film

Blue Giant, le manga sur la passion du jazz adapté en film d'animation
The 10th and last volume of Shinichi Ishizuka's series was released in France in April 2020. It closed an exhilarating tale of musical learning and love of jazz.

After having written about mountaineering with the Vertical series (awarded many times for its very realistic and informed aspect), the author Shinichi Ishizuka released in 2013 a manga about his other passion: music. A wonderful ambassador of jazz, Blue Giant is a great success in Japan and France, where the first volume has been published in 2018 by Glénat.

Blue Giant tells the story of Dai Miyamoto, a high school student who lives alone with his father and sister, works part-time at a gas station, and has recently developed a passion for jazz. His ultimate dream? To become the best jazzman in the world. He trains for this day and night on his Selmer tenor saxophone.

The teenager quickly confronts his own limits and his determination is put to the test throughout his apprenticeship. From his first music theory lessons to decisive encounters, with the first chaotic concerts, sacrifices and doubts, Dai will have to reconcile his unconditional love of music with his friends, family and work.

The story is punctuated by short flashbacks explaining Dai's love of jazz, and references to giants such as Bill Evans, Charlie Parker or Miles Davis. An absorbing manga that wonderfully transcribes the phases of musical learning, but also the passion for jazz and surpassing oneself… It will delight music fans and neophytes alike!

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