How to assemble a saxophone

Assembler son saxophone
A saxophone is a sensitive instrument, wich has to be handled with love and delicacy. The assembly of the saxophone requires a minimum of care and should be done in the following order :

Installing the mouthpiece

To avoid any accidental damage to the neck, it is advisable to join the mouthpiece to the neck (1) before the neck has been fitted to the instrument. Remember to occasionally coat the cork of the neck with cork grease (2), in order to be able to correctly position the mouthpiece without using excessive force.


Connecting the neck

To insert the neck, swivel (3) it gently into the body of the instrument, until it is fully inserted. Check that the neck’s playing position is correctly aligned (4), then tighten the screw (5) on the neck to hold it in place.

Proceed to the final adjustments of the position of the mouthpiece (with respect to the pitch).

The right-hand thumb rest is adjustable to perfectly suit your playing position.

Never pick up the saxophone by the neck!