A saxophone class at Grand Nancy International Masterclasses

Les Académies d'été du Grand Nancy ouvrent une classe de saxophone !
Previously exclusively devoted to strings and in particular to the piano, the Grand Nancy masterclasses welcome this summer a saxophone class led by Jean-Michel Goury.

For 30 years, the Grand Nancy International Masterclasses have welcomed more than 12,000 musicians from all horizons : students, conservatory students, amateurs, professionals in training...

This course is one of the most renowned in Europe for its seriousness, its welcome and its personalized accompaniment. It takes place at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (CRR) de la Métropole du Grand Nancy, which has more than 100 soundproof rooms and two auditoriums.

This year, a saxophone class will be open from 28 July to 7 August 2020 (second session). It will be held by the internationally renowned concert performer and pedagogue Jean-Michel Goury (professor at the CRR and Pôle Supérieur de Boulogne-Billancourt).

You can already register on the official website.

As things stand at present, we cannot, of course, assure you that the course will be maintained... But we very much hope so. This infinitely enriching experience allows you to progress efficiently in a friendly working atmosphere and accompanied by an exceptional teaching team.

Until then, take good care of yourself and others...