An eclectic programme

The third edition of the Éole Factory Festival brings a festive wind to the area: professionals and amateurs alike gather around the omnipresent wind instruments. Éole Factory offers an eclectic programme on the Ile l'Aumône; internationally renowned artists and up-and-coming performers rub shoulders; jazz and contemporary music follow one another, and sometimes even combine.

We'll find Deluxe, André Manoukian, Michel Jonasz, Daniel Zimmermann but also Guillaume Perret, Laurent Bardainne and Tigre d'eau Douce, Pierre Bertaud du Chazaud...

More than twenty concerts, featuring brass and wind instruments, make music accessible to all, while artistic practices are encouraged in the instrument makers' village.

Selmer artists


Laurent Bardainne

Laurent Bardainne - Saturday 10 sept. 9pm

His musical approach is distinguished by his technicality, a sophisticated melodic sense and his sharp knowledge of many musical trends. Eager for new collaborations, he can be heard with Cassius and Pharrel Williams, Feist, Gonzales, Miossec, Philip Katerine, Lou Douillon...


Pierre Bertaud du ChazaudPierre Bertaud du Chazaud - Saturday 10 sept. 11:45 pm

"My music is a mix between acoustic and digital, the objective is to distort, duplicate, augment the clarinet and bring it into a terra incognita to create a unique, amazing and sometimes explosive sound that has never been heard elsewhere."


Guillaume PerretGuillaume Perret - Sunday 11 sept. 4:30 pm

Insatiable sound explorer, Guillaume Perret evolves in an unclassifiable universe between jazz, funk, electro, also drawing from rock or even metal and oriental sounds. Each new album is a new journey that propels the listener into an atypical and bewitching universe...



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The festival village

Eole Factory is also an OFF festival, an opportunity to highlight the extraordinary pool of professional musicians and enlightened amateurs in our region. It is a village where you can eat, share and exchange. It is an event that contributes to the development of art, the strengthening of networks and cultural diversity.

Eole Factory Festival

Henri SELMER Paris will therefore be present at the instrument makers' fair. From children to families, from the curious to musicians, the public will be able to:

  •     Discover how an instrument is made
  •     Learn about the history of instrument makers in the Mantois and surrounding areas
  •     Receive advice from musical instrument makers
  •     Admire archive images of factories and period instruments
  •     Discover the professions surrounding instruments

Eole Factory Festival

In addition, the village is expanding this year with a new space for instrumental practice. In collaboration with the CRD of Mantes-la-Jolie, you will be able to discover the disciplines present at the conservatory and attend instrument demonstrations.

A playful and educational area has also been designed for the pleasure of children. The programme includes a reading area, a headphone listening area, a make-up workshop...

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