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Echoes of the sound by Selmer BEYOND

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Smoothness, freedom, inspiration… Discover the Muse clarinet!
Outings and event

Andorra Sax Fest 2022

As one of the most important saxophone festivals in the world, the Andorra Sax Fest thrills Andorra
Outings and event

SELMER Summer Clarinet Academy 2022

After two virtual editions, the SELMER Summer Clarinet Academy returns to Michigan State University

[Portrait] The art of engraving on saxophone according to Michel, 32 years of experience

The evolution of techniques, collector instruments or special orders from Manu Dibango… Engraver at

Unleash your creativity with Muse clarinets

With our new Muse clarinet, we invite you to unleash your artistic potential. Be free to explore, to

The craftspeople of the year honored by the French Ministry of Culture

The French Ministry of Culture has just honored 14 new craftspeople with the insignia of Chevalier d

The Sound and me #15 with Jean-Charles Richard

A multi-faceted saxophonist, Jean-Charles Richard plays in classical orchestras, big bands, street b

[INTERVIEW] Sumika Tsujimoto revisits Japanese culture with her saxophones

After winning the third prize at the Osaka International Music Competition, Sumika Tsujimoto studied

The Costa Rican band Sonsax celebrates its 25th anniversary!

For 25 years, Sonsax has been exploring the potential of the saxophone and percussion, juggling styl

ITEMM, a unique international training centre

Inaugurated in 1992, the European Technological Institute for Music Professions offers a complete ra

History Notes #09 : The Super Action

Sometimes called Super Balanced, the Super Action is to some extent a transitional instrument fallin

Manufacture of a mouthpiece in our workshops

24 grams of hard rubber, 5 skills and over 130 years of experience… Behind the scenes discover the m