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Saxophone alto

Selmer Series III Alto Saxophone

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The Selmer Series III alto saxophone was released in the late 90’s to offer a Selmer that was more focused, responsive and brilliant than previous Selmer models. The end result is a horn that is articulate and precise with impeccable intonation & tonal clarity.

Selmer employs a lighter weight “mini-rib” construction that decreases the overall mass along the length of the body tube thus decreasing vibrational resistance. This means that the horn responds the quickest of the Selmer sax series. This is partnered with a tighter bore through the neck. This gives the Serie III sax more tonal brilliance and an impressive altissimo.

Every new “Selmer” has always been an important event and a new milestone in the history of Saxophone, widely contributing to the evolution of instrument manufacturing.

Since the release of our very first saxophone in, December 1921 (model 22), every new model has shown Selmer-Paris ability to innovate and capacity to improve what, sometimes, would have seemed as a totally accomplished instrument.

This successfull process is, of course, based on our instrumental knowledge and an efficient manufacturing organisation, but, first of all, on the tight relations developped over the years with you, musicians, who regularly express how you feel and what your dreams are in your musical sphere.

The “SERIES III” Alto saxophone goes on writing the story of the “Selmer Sound” : free and centered, the instrument offers a very pleasant playability. It responses to the slightest breath or tongue modulation so that the player can really express his musical personnality. Some new features, as the double C# mechanism (Selmer patent), create a perfectly stable overall tuning and a well – balanced high register.
Thanks to its acoustic and working qualities, its ergonomy, it is the saxophone of our time.

We have put into the new Selmer “SERIES III” Alto saxophone the very best of ourselves and, undoubtedly, the very best of yourself

  • Key: E-flat
  • Keys: lacquered brass
  • High F key
  • Automatic double C#
  • Model with harmonic key (optional) POA
  • Thumbrest (left hand ) in solid brass
  • Removable thumbrest (right hand ) in solid brass
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Leather pads with metal boosters

6 months warranty

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    Case. 6 months warranty.
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    Garantie REWIND

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