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An inveterate thrillseeker, with his latest album The Empire of Love, the innovative klezmer clarinetist Yom launches himself into a new space-time continuum where French house, cyber-klezmer, and sci-fi jazz converge… Surging forwards with supercharged rhythms, threaded with shimmering strings and futuristic vocals, captivating melodies erupt from the acoustic purity of the clarinet to create music that is indefinable. Balkan Turbo Folk? Middle Eastern Dance Music? New wave Lyrical Electro? All that and more no doubt, contribute to an avant-garde musical manifesto that is held together by an impressively rich soundscape, a sublime hymn to love as much as a fantastical psychedelic trip; we stand on the cusp of a brave new world.
Privilege clarinet
"The Empire of Love"

2013 Planètes Rouges