Select your saxophone & clarinet mouthpieces

Not so easy to choose a mouthpiece! Although seemingly very simple in shape, this accessory is actually quite complex product, as essential for the beginner as for the professional. 
The dimensions of the various parts vary from one model to another and their combination makes it possible to obtain very different designs and produce quite different acoustic results. There is a direct relationship between the physical characteristics of the mouthpiece (chamber, baffle, bore, facing length and tip opening) and its musical and acoustic components (sonority, roundness, volume, purity and ease of blowing). Any minor variation in the size of these structures can produce quite different results! Accordingly, there is no such thing as a universal mouthpiece. This makes the choice of a mouthpiece very personal as each musician must take into account his or her own objectives and physical characteristics (mouth muscles, oral cavity, teeth and lip shapes). This is why it is important to offer multiple combinations.

How to select a mouthpiece

When selecting a mouthpiece, it is necessary to take into account both the musician and the instrument. Although seemingly simple in shape, the mouthpiece is actually quite complex and crucial to getting good results. Poor sound is sometimes blamed on the instrument when an improper mouthpiece is really at fault. Also, a good mouthpiece can noticeably improve any instrument’s sound.
The relationship between the chamber, baffle, bore, facing length and tip opening subtly affects musical and acoustical characteristics – sonority, fullness, volume, accuracy of pitch, and response. Any variation – no matter how minor – will produce quite different results.
A mouthpiece varies as each musician varies: selecting the right one depends on the desired musical results, the player’s embouchure, and the instrument. A bad combination of mouthpiece bore and clarinet bore or saxophone mouthpipe could spoil pitch accuracy, tone quality, and response.
Players should not always choose the easiest-playing mouthpiece. A better choice is one that allows total control of reed vibrations and may offer some resistance.
Once the mouthpiece has been selected, the next task is choosing a reed. Always try to adapt a reed to the new mouthpiece’s features; a reed that gave satisfactory results with another mouthpiece will not necessarily work with this one.

series x openings: infinite combinations...

Each mouthpiece series in the SELMER Paris line corresponds to a different sound aesthetic, more or less timbered.
Despite constantly changing trends and musicians looking for their own individual sound, universal parameters exist which must also be taken into account related to the morphology and playing style of different players.
This is why SELMER Paris offers a multiplicity of openings that have a considerable effect on playing comfort and ease of blowing.
The more closed a mouthpiece, the easier it is to control. Hence, the popular models, often recommended for students, are relatively closed mouthpieces, like the C* or the 170 for the S90 (saxophone) series or the 120 for the C85 (clarinet) series. It must also be noted that certain mouthpieces are more or less easy to play for the same opening size, from one series to another.
There is only one way, finally, to know what suits you best:  try it!

Saxophone mouthpieces

THE "CONCEPT" SERIES Available for Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones: THE NEW REFERENCE for saxophonists

THE "S80" SERIES        Square chamber

Available for the entire family of saxophones, the S80 is recognized as the mouthpiece gold standard. It features a beautifully warm sound, an ease of playability and a deep tone quality.

THE "S90" SERIES      Square chamber

Through its flexible playing and its balanced tone, the S90 meets the needs of both the student as well as the professional. A stable and reliable mouthpiece that is consistent over all registers.

Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Baritone

THE "SOLOIST" SERIES        U-shaped  chamber

With the Soloist, directly inspired by the legendary model made in the 1950s, one experiences all the qualities that made it successful: a very centered sound that one can really modulate. Its consistency and features enable it to suit all music styles.

Alto - Tenor

THE "SUPER SESSION" SERIES        Round chamber

Inspired by the sound identity of the Soloist, the Super Session offers acoustic features more specific to improvised music. It is able to handle the widest range of dynamics while holding its very rich tone.

Soprano - Alto - Tenor

Designed together with Pierrick Pedron, the new SELMER Paris Spirit Alto Jazz mouthpiece offers a full spectrum of sounds. It has a low register rich in harmonics with the ability to cut through when needed. A well-balanced tuning and easy control provide a rarely reached playing comfort on a Jazz mouthpiece.
Spirit, the ultimate must for Jazz mouthpiece.


THE "SD20" SERIES       Round Chamber

Designed in cooperation with the members of the DIASTEMA quartet, the SD20 gives the right balance between flexibility, power and control. It is less centered than the S80 and S90 models, making for a more open sound and freer expression.

Alto - Tenor

THE  "MÉTAL CLASSIQUE" SERIES        Round chamber

The Métal Classique offers a high-precision attack that will remind you the sound and feel of the great saxophonists of the previous century such as Marcel Mule.

Soprano - Alto - Tenor

THE "MÉTAL JAZZ" SERIES        U-shapped chamber

Spécialement destiné aux musiques improvisées, le bec Métal Jazz propose une facilité d’émission et une homogénéité qui en font un bec d’une polyvalence sans précédent.

Alto -Tenor

Clarinet mouthpieces

STANDARD SERIES      Trapeze chamber

A very popular series all over the world, used by professional clarinet players as well as students and amateurs. A wide range of opening and facing lengths will permit everybody to find a suitable piece.
The “Standard” mouthpieces are available for the entire clarinet family, from the Eb to Bb contrabass.

THE "C85"  SERIESBarrel chamber

The "C85" mouthpieces have been designed to satisfy a new sound conception in clarinet playing. The “C85” has a large sound, rich in low overtones; subtly combining power and roundness, its flexibility and precision facilitate staccato, without aggressivity.
The “C85” mouthpieces are available in three openings for Eb, Bb and Bass clarinets.

THE "CP100" SERIES       Barrel chamber

The new “CP100” mouthpiece broadens the Bb clarinet mouthpiece range made by Selmer-Paris (Standard and C 85 series).
The “CP 100” is a very flexible mouthpiece, suitable for solo work as much as playing within an Orchestral section.
An easy blowing, richly toned mouthpiece with excellent tuning balance right over the range make the "CP 100" a versatile and tractable mouthpiece.