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 Privilege A Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever Silver plated


Privilège A Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever

Silver plated (AO)

NEW Key : B-flat Pitch : 442 Bore diameter:14.60 mm/ 0.574 inch Delivered with two barrels (conical bore): 65.5 & 66.5 mm common to B-flat and A. Bore: 15mm. System : Standard Boehm N°1B (17 Keys, 6 Rings) Left hand Eb lever Barrels, body joints and bell: Grenadilla wood Keywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver Metal tenon sockets (male + female) White leather pads with metal booster in the low register. White Gore-Tex pads for remaining body except 12th key with cork Blue steel springs Two-colour ring: gold-plated/matte black chrome-plated Weight: 825 gr