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Paris office closing time information during the summer time

• The Henri SELMER Paris office will be CLOSED for the summer period from MONDAY 19 JULY through to SUNDAY 18 AUGUST 2019.
Reopening of our premises on MONDAY 19 AUGUST 2019 at 9.00 AM
Henri SELMER Paris wishes you all A GREAT SUMMER TIME!

Henri SELMER Paris head office has moved!

Located 59, rue Marcadet (Paris 18), the Henri SELMER Paris premises are open to the public
- from MONDAY to FRIDAY: 9.30 to 12 AM (with appointment) and from 2 to 5 PM.

Come and discover a wide range of saxophones, clarinets and mouthpieces, and share our technicians' expertise.
Should you like to try an instrument, make a studio reservation with Johan Broca:
by mail : jbroca@selmer.fr or
by phone at 01 49 23 87 66.

Would you like to buy an instrument?
As we do not sell the instruments in our showroom, we will be more than pleased to share our advice and inform you about our retailers (list available in the distribution section of this website).

Our technicians can do all type of maintenance operations, repair and customisation on your instruments.
Please contact:
• Sébastien FONTAINE: 01 49 23 87 69 (Clarinettes),
• Martin DEUTSCH: 01 49 23 87 71 (Saxophones) and
• David LARA: 01 49 23 87 68 (Saxophones).

our NEW head office in Paris : 59, rue Marcadet - PARIS 18

Our NEW head office is located close to the "Clignancourt" area (in North-East Paris). It includes the showroom, repair shop, sales, marketing and accounting departments, general administration and management services.
Five testing studios will be at the disposal of musicians.

Henri SELMER Paris
59, rue Marcadet 75018 Paris - France
TEL : +33 (0)1 49 23 87 40
Email : info@selmer.fr

... find out how to purchase an instrument or a mouthpiece

Henri SELMER Paris instruments and accessories are available through a worldwide distribution network. Retailers have been carefully selected in accordance with their technical expertise and ability to provide the complete range of Henri SELMER Paris products.
For your own country, please contact your national distributor (click below) who will be happy to provide you with a list of your closest Selmer Paris dealers.

Henri SELMER Paris distribution

The Henri SELMER Paris showroom offers musicians the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with the entire Henri SELMER Paris range;  saxophones, clarinets in all finishes and mouthpieces are available for testing. Five soundproof studios are at your disposal to test instruments in excellent conditions.

Johan BROCA, in charge of the showroom, is your contact. He'll be happy to welcome you to test any instrument;


Johan BROCA: 01 49 23 87 66

... contact the after sales service

All Selmer Paris instruments have a two year waranty.
The regular aftersales service is provided by the dealer where you purchased your instrument. This is why it's important, prior to purchase, that you make inquiries about the technical skills of the chosen shop.
At the Selmer Paris head office, Thierry DOUBLON is in charge of the aftersales service and is available to assist you from Monday 2pm through to Friday 12.30 pm with any inquiry you might have.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.30 AM / 12.30 AM - 2 PM / 5.30 PM


... contact the Paris repair shop

Widely acknowledged for their professionalism and skill, the head office team includes five technicians. They look after repairs, make delicate adjustments and do some customization work. All the greatest Selmer artists take advantage of their assistance. We advise you to take an appointment for a best service.
Selmer Paris reputation attracts worldwide  trainees  who come to improve their technical education.

Your Contacts:

Clarinette : Sébastien FONTAINE au
Saxophone : Martin DEUTSCH au
Saxophone : David LARA au

... meet the artistic managers

ARTISTIC RELATIONSIn its continual search to improve its understanding of artists' needs, Selmer Paris has integrated a philosophy of constant exchange with the artistic world. This strong relationship is manifested through its support for various projects, and creation of specific events.
Stéphane Gentil and Florent Milhaud are in charge of managing these activities either in the head office or in the field, creating events, exhibitions, festivals and symposiums in France and throughout the world.

Stéphane GENTIL Florent MILHAUD Christophe GREZES

... visit the factory

Factory tours (in Mantes-la-Ville) are only possible by special appointment.
We can organize factory tours for specific groups.
For music teachers who want to show their students how instruments are made, the factory is located 60 kms from Paris, so you will need to allow at least half a day for the activity.
Stéphane GENTIL Florent MILHAUD Christophe GREZES

Mantes-la-Ville: the factory

Since very early times (16-17th century), the western area of Paris (Eure) has welcomed musical craftsmen and instrument industries into its fold. The Selmer Paris factory located in Mantes-la-Ville follows in this tradition. Today, it is a 20.000 square meter factory fitted out with modern equipment (CNC machines, computerized processes, acoustic rooms for R&D etc). The production equipment continues to be the subject of important investments, in order to continually improve our response to the qualitative demands of the market.

Henri Selmer Paris
28, route de Houdan
78711 Mantes-la-Ville