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Recital Eb clarinet
Eb Clarinet
Recital Eb clarinet

An instrument for which the quality of the sound is premium: round, consistent, without aggressiveness.

The Henri SELMER Paris E-flat "Récital" is designed to closely follow the continuity of the clarinet family.

The instrument fits into orchestras very well, making... + Read more

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E-flat clarinet
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Recital Eb clarinet
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Technical caracteristics
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Bore diameter
13.5 mm
440-442 Hz
delivered with two barrels (43 and 45 mm)
Boehm standard system with Eb lever
Thumb rest
barrels, body joints and bell in grenadilla wood, silver plated nickel silver keywork, leather pads
545 g
standard C* mouthpiece with ligature and cap, maintenance kit, PRISMe case.
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"When you play this instrument, you will get back something magical! This instrument is the reflection of your soul and becomes a soulmate to its way to perfection. Just give it a try!"
David Van Maele
"I play Signature B-flat and A clarinets and Recital E-flat clarinet. I love them so much for richness and versatility of supported sound."
Maureen Hurd Hause
"These clarinets give me excellent sound flexibility from dark to bright over the whole range with nearly no limitiations in expression."
Stephan Vermeersch
"I like the warmth of the sound and the opportunity to explore the potential of this instrument."
Jacques Merrer
"I also play the E-flat Recital, and I love this clarinet. It is the most in tune, rich, beautiful E-flat clarinet I have every played."
Katherine Kohler