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Presence Bb / A Clarinet
Bb/A Clarinet
Presence Bb / A Clarinet

Thanks to its innovative bore design, this clarinet has unique acoustic qualities that provide ease of emission, exceptional homogeneity and above all an instrument that is easy to play.

The sound of the Présence clarinet is a mix of harmonic richness, and timbre; essential characteristics... + Read more

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B-flat clarinet - Evolution
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B-flat clarinet - Black finish
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1B B-flat clarinet - Evolution
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A clarinet - Evolution
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A clarinet - Black finish
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1B A clarinet - Evolution
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Presence Bb / A Clarinet
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What's behind

At Henri SELMER Paris, the production line is completely integrated enabling both better control of the quality and of the supply process.

In our workshops located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, nearly 500 craftspeople mobilize a traditional, unique and authentic know-how, combining high technology with the respect of the artisanal instrument manufacturing. Discover the main stages of production.

Soprano saxophones range

Technical caracteristics
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Bb and A
Eb lever
440-442 Hz
65.5 mm
Thumb rest
silver plated, nickel silver or matte black keywork
Concept mouthpiece, optional Focus mouthpiece, with ligature and cap, maintenance kit, Présence case (single and double).
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Year of manufacture
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B-flat clarinet Focus mouthpiece
Its smallest opening improves control and provides wide flexibility to the entire range. A balanced distribution of spatial volume facilitates...
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this instrument
"The Henri SELMER Paris Présence clarinet offers an incredible richness of sound with even intonation throughout all registers."
Scot Humes
"The ease, consistency, and vibrancy of the Selmer Présence clarinets allow me to focus on making great music rather than struggle against the technique of playing."
Cassie Keogh
"I love the control and focus the Presence provides me. The intonation is superb, and I feel confident that it will help me bring my music to life."
Dawn Marie Lindblade-Evans
"There is a fairly wide and at the same time precise bore, and a total reactivity of the cleaving. It is an instrument that is open and homogeneous enough to allow you to do what you want with it. I have a little crush on this clarinet!"
"The Présence clarinet is an easy, luminous and round instrument. It comes from the work we have done on the homogeneity of the different registers, as well as the stability of intonation."
Philippe Berrod
"The Présence clarinet is homogeneous and very easy to play. The low register is extraordinary, large and full. Above all it is very in tune!"
Alessandro Carbonare
"I love the beautiful timbre and colorful sound of my Présence clarinet, its evenness between notes and registers and the solid intonation tendencies. I love the solidity my clarinets provide in the upper clarion and altissimo ranges."
Kimberly Cole Luevano
"It's an instrument open and homogeneous enough to do whatever you want with it. I have a little crush on this clarinet, I think I will keep it for a long time."
"It's the most consistent instrument I've ever played. Whether I'm playing in the very low register, the midrange, or the altissimo register, the sound comes out evenly. It makes life easier."
Larkin Sanders
"The Présence clarinet is nervous and light. It is an instrument that allows me to approach the repertoires I want without feeling blocked. I even have the impression that it is the instrument itself that has adopted me rather than me taming it!"
Hugo Clédat
"Présence struck me immediately by its incredible homogeneity, its richness of sound and its impeccable tuning."
Michael Rusinek
"The Présence clarinet has a beautiful homogeneous register, an excellent tuning, a rather free emission, a beautiful response on the whole clarinet."
Jonathan Holden