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B-flat tenor saxophone Soloist mouthpiece

Saxophone Accessories B-flat tenor saxophone Soloist mouthpiece

Directly inspired by the legendary model made during the Fifties, the Soloist embodies all the qualities which originally made it so successful: a rich, easily modulated sound, it remains centred, homogeneous and warm across the spectrum of playing styles. It delivers a high degree of accuracy, particularly... + Read more

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What's behind

Henri SELMER Paris has been a reference for more than a hundred years, offering a wide range of mouthpieces designed by musicians for musicians and made in France.

High technology and craftsmanship remain at the heart of the company's know-how, which shows its ever-growing desire to improve its products. In recent years, the use of digital machining centres has revolutionised the manufacture of our mouthpieces, offering unequalled manufacturing precision and production stability.



SELMER mouthpieces range

Technical caracteristics
Table openings
C* (1.90 mm), C** (2.00 mm), D (2.10 mm), E (2.20 mm), F (2.30 mm), G (2.40 mm).
Table length
23 mm
horse shoe
mouthpiece cushion