Antiqued lacquer, for vintage lovers

Unlike Antique lacquered Reference, the Supreme with Antique lacquer is engraved. The antique lacquering process highlights the design, which is a strong characteristic of the Supreme identity.

Supreme passivé

Brushed, elegance and refinement

While the brushed Series II and III altos have a clear lacquer finish, the brushed Supreme features a gold lacquer finish, giving it a unique color.

Supreme brossé


Claude Delangle

« This jewel of French craftsmanship reveals the authentic acoustics of the saxophone, finally transparent to the multiple musical genres that call for it. Its capabilities reveal a level of synthesis never attained before

Claude Delangle, France

Géraldine Laurent
The sound has a very interesting amplitude in all registers, and a round, warm, woody side that I really enjoy. It's also very pleasant to play, it feels like it flows under your fingers

Géraldine Laurent, France


Rosario Giuliani
« Its flexibility is incredible, it’s a versatile instrument ready for any kind of music. The more I play it,the more I realize that the instrument is actually limitless.»

Rosario Giuliani, Italie

The Supreme embodies universality: it has been designed to meet the needs and desires of all musicians, regardless of their genre of music, their type of playing, or their style of sound. However, for aesthetic or acoustic reasons, each artist has his or her own preferences in terms of finishes. In order to offer everyone the possibility of choosing the instrument that best suits them, we now offer seven finishes: lacquered, silver plated, solid silver, gold plated, black, brushed and antiqued lacquer.

Finitions Supreme

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