Born in 1932 in the SELMER workshops in Mantes-la-Ville, this saxophone was first sold to a London musician before leaving for new adventures in Sri Lanka.

Found a few years ago abandoned in an attic, the instrument was given to our technician Martin Deutsch.

Complete dismantling, repair of defective parts, levelling of the chimneys and keys, re-stamping, replacement of mother-of-pearl and springs... For six days, Martin restored the instrument while keeping its identity as a Cigar Cutter.

Rewind Cigar Cutter

Following this rebirth and thanks to the REWIND project, the instrument is now ready to continue its history with a new owner.

Rewind by SELMERLaunched by Henri SELMER Paris in 2021, is the reference platform for second-hand SELMER instruments. Vintage or recent, these instruments are revised by our best craftspeople and then offered for sale on our site to make the joy of musicians...

This film is an episode of the "ESG With You" series highlighting the best CSR initiatives of companies supported by the Argos Wityu investment fund. We thank them for their trust.

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