Chateau ephémère

A place dedicated to digital and sound arts, Château Ephémère (Yvelines, France) proposes a creative weekend on the theme "Music Maker" on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November in partnership with saxophonist Guillaume Perret and sound artist Vincent Martial.

The objective is to collectively appropriate the possibilities offered by new technologies for artistic creation. The event is intended for :

  •  Professional wind instrumentalists or those in the process of becoming professional, composers, multi-instrumentalist arrangers and/or experienced in MAO.
  •  Developers, instrument makers, designers and creative people sensitive to the living arts and motivated by artistic experimentation.

Hackaton Chateau Ephémère

In groups of 5 participants will have the objective of creating hybrid musical works based on new technologies and more particularly the fabrication of DIY devices of augmented instrument making and/or offering instruments means of interaction with their scenographic environment (visual, sound, physical, etc.).

Equipment will be made available to create and experiment (technical park, backline, instrumentarium, fablab, etc.), and mentors with various profiles will be present to advise and accompany the participants throughout the weekend.

Two artists associated with the initiative are perfectly in line with the artistic, pedagogical and technological stakes of this hackathon: Guillaume Perret and Vincent Martial.

Guillaume Perret

Guillaume Perret

Composer and arranger multiplying musical experiences and projects for more than twenty years, Guillaume Perret evolves in an unclassifiable universe between jazz, funk, electro, drawing also in rock and oriental sounds.


Vincent MartialVincent Martial

Flutist and percussionist by training, Vincent Martial evolves within devices and with instruments that he designs and develops. He observes the phenomena of transformation of the matter in order to explore its sonorities…

Ready to shake up the codes of musical creation and live performance? Registrations are open until October 2, 2022!

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