The neck and the mouthpiece

After each playing session, the mouthpiece should be taken off the neck and wiped with a mouthpiece/neck swab. The neck slide should be cleaned with a soft cloth (1).

The saxophone

To avoid any oxidation, the interior of the saxophone (2) should be wiped after each use with a pull-through swab: take care never to leave a wet swab in the tube of the instrument. Regularly wipe the outside of the instrument with a soft cloth. Never use solvents. In order to preserve the imprint of the pads, the open-ended keys of the instrument can be wedged backwards for transport. There are many clamping devices available. Caution ! The instrument should be placed on adequate support, or failing this on the key guards, but never on the keyboard’s side (left-hand little finger).

Entretien du saxophone

The choice of the case is important, because after a while a badly moulded shape can create technical problems such as key damage or air leakage. Never leave the instrument for a long time in a closed case, as residual moisture can swell the pads and accelerate the deterioration of the lacquer.