An unlikely encounter

The first time Cristina Delgado heard Pedro Iturralde live was at a concert of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, where he played Glazunov's Concerto for Saxophone and String Orchestra. That day, after much applause, he also played La Pequeña Czarda, his first creation. The budding musician was only 14 years old and, fascinated by what she heard, she asked her mother for a meeting with Pedro Iturralde in person as her only birthday present.

"My mother found him, I don't know how, and on my birthday she gave me a plane ticket to Madrid with a card that said, 'Monday at 4 p.m. Pedro Iturralde is waiting for you at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid.' Then I was admitted to his saxophone class. Then he opened the doors of his house to me and little by little a great and beautiful friendship developed until the moment of his death in November 2020. For this very personal reason, and for the undeniable quality of his works, I decided to make this album, which represents the rescue of a part of his legacy that is not yet sufficiently recognized."

Pedro Iturralde

An original project

The pieces by Pedro Iturralde chosen for this recording are the following :

  • Pequeña Czarda
  • Suite hellénique
  • Memorias
  • Miniatura
  • Aires rumanos
  • Dixie for saxes

The objective is to compile compositions that reflect the more classical part of his work, such as Pequeña Czarda, his first creation. Inside the disc, there will also be explanations and anecdotes about the origin of each composition as told to Cristina by her friend and mentor.

"In addition to being a great musician and teacher, he was a really great person. He not only taught me music, but he taught me to love music and to love the saxophone."

What makes this project special is also the arrangements and instrumentation: a string nonet, a jazz trio formation, and solos on flute, vibraphone and marimba, accompanying the saxophone as a solo instrument.

Several professional musicians from the classical and jazz scene of the Canary Islands will participate in the album. The arrangements are entrusted to Francisco Hernández and Eduardo Rojo, renowned composers and arrangers who have been working for years in the islands and abroad.

The album is scheduled for release in July, feel free to support the project on Verkami! It has ten days left to reach its new goal of 6,000€!

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