"To me, the sounds that I create, that becomes my creative voice, kind of harks back to when I started playing an instrument. And then at the age of ten, I kind of fell in love with the sound that I created on an instrument. And that has kind of developed into me really wanting to make a sound on the saxophone. I just really love the way that it comes out from within and you can create the sound that you want to, and also you kind of have to work at that. It doesn't just always come out. You have to kind of strive and you do have to practise to get that sound that you want out. And probably you never quite get there because you're always striving to get better, I would say.

And sometimes I have found recently, as I've become more of an artist, that perhaps a female voice is sometimes less heard or maybe felt to be less important. But there is a change for that which I feel is really, really important and that needs to happen."

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