A graduate of the CNSM de Paris in Claude Delangle's class, Matthieu Delage also studied improvisation, jazz and world music. A passionate composer and chamber musician with the Morphing Quartet, the musician has established himself as one of the great voices of the baritone saxophone.

For his new album Inner Voice, Matthieu Delage first went to the repertoire, spending hours listening to, transcribing and testing pieces for cello and bassoon.

« My choice was refined, always keeping in mind the conviction that my instrument is like an extension of the voice. I absolutely wished to rediscover the lyrical and expressive dimension of the baritone saxophone » he explains.

Three new works are also on the programme, by pianist and composer Matthieu Stefanelli, New York composer and saxophonist Patrick Zimmerli, and finally Matthieu Delage himself.

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