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Xavier Rosselle

Saxophonist and composer Xavier Rosselle participates in numerous creations and concerts as a performer, improviser or composer in France and abroad.

After three years with the Saxophone Quartet of Versailles and the DéSaxés, he devotes himself to contemporary creation and at the same time, in 1993, he founds his company Musique Création Diffusion and creates musical shows.

His interest in all forms of artistic expression leads him to play with musicians from different horizons (Louis Sclavis, Antoine Hervé...) and to write stage music for theatre, puppets and dance.

Among his creations, let's quote among others:
- La marche dans le tunnel created at CNAT, scène Nationale de Reims (texts by Henry Michaux) ;
- Petites scènes, musical theatre (Avignon in 1997) ;
- Déo Juvante created in Monaco for the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi family;
- Gernika with Anna Prucnal et Michel Hermon ;
- La confidence des oiseaux : spectacle chorégraphique by Luc Petton, created in 2006 and on tour until 2012.     

In 2009, he composed Radeaux, his first opera based on a libretto by Christian Siméon, directed by Jean-Marie Lejude and premiered at the Reims Opera

For the composition of Swan's soundtrack, Xavier Rosselle received a commission from the French government.

In parallel to his eclectic career as a musician and composer, he is active as a pedagogue; he holds a C.A. and teaches saxophone at the REIMS C.R.R.

Photo credit : Alain Hatat - A. Julien

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