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Olivier Faure


After graduating from the Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux with Yves Didier and Richard Rimbert, Olivier Faure continued his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory where he obtained his Master's degree in clarinet and bass clarinet in the classes of Jan Jansen and Henri Bok.

He took part in numerous master classes with Josef Horak and Harry Sparnaay for bass clarinet and with Michel Lethiec and Walter Boeykens for clarinet. In 1999 he won a bronze medal at the International Competition for Young Interpreters in Luxemburg.

Since November 2002, he has been a member of the Orchestre d'Harmonie de la Musique de la Gendarmerie Mobile in Maisons-Alfort. He has been co-soloist of the clarinet section since 2005.

A member of the Parioli Ensemble, the Issy-Paris Clarinet Quartet and the Denner Octet, Olivier Faure also regularly performs in the Paris region with the Orchestre Colonne, the Massy Opera, the Lamoureux Orchestra, the Ensemble Orchestral des Hauts de Seine, the French Oratorio Orchestra...

Having a particular attraction for contemporary music, he created in 2005 for the World Bass Clarinet Convention a Bass Clarinet and Organ Duo with the composer and performer Leonid Karev.

For 10 years he has been arranging pedagogical pieces for Orchestra, Harmony and Chamber Music (Duo, Trio, Wind Quartet or Clarinets, Sextet, Octet). He currently teaches clarinet and bass clarinet in the music schools of Bois d'Arcy (78) and Neuilly-Plaisance (93).

Bass Clarinet
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