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Michel Aumont


Michel Aumont lived in Saint-Brieuc. After classical studies at the conservatory of Caen, he knew how to cultivate the pleasure of juggling notes, which he knew how to bounce where no one is waiting for them. A start in a trance in the gavottes, a bend in full improvisation, and here we are in contemporary music, always with the love of the clarinet as a common denominator. His acoustic work on clarinet and new technologies put in motion original languages, living traditions, reinvented, imaginary.

Michel Aumont affirmed himself as one of the singers of contemporary Breton music charged with authenticity, exchanges and daring. A talent mixer, eager for new weddings and new experiences.

Photo credits : Frédéric Le Floch - Chris Biré

Bass Clarinet
Low C Privilege bass clarinet

Boehm system, B-flat Privilege Bass Clarinet to low C. The exceptional acoustics are in keeping with the Henri SELMER Paris tradition. The ergonomics and an amazing ease of blowing give a real playing comfort.

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