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Matic Titovsek

Matic Titovsek (1985) is a versatile clarinetist who works with various young composers in different genres and styles from classical music to jazz.

He received his first clarinet lessons in Music School Radece from Joze Rus, continued his studies at High School for Music and Ballet Ljubljana and Academy of Music Ljubljana where he graduated (2011) in a class of legendary clarinetist and professor Alojz Zupan. He has improved his skills with internationally recognized clarinetists Michel Lethiec, Thomas Friedli, Yves Didier and Alan Hacker.

During his studies he received various prizes at Slovenian National Competition for Young Musicians (TEMSIG); 3rd, 2nd and 1st prize; special prize for best performance of a piece by a Slovenian composer and a special prize for achieving 100 points. He received Lucijan Marija Škerjanc Award for exceptional achievements, which High School for Music and Ballet awards its best students and Prešeren Award of Academy of Music Ljubljana.

As a soloist, he performed with Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra and was also the youngest member of Slovenian Police Orchestra (2004-2008). He regularly performs in Slovenia, where he is active theater musician (Šentjakob Theatre, Slovenian Chamber Theater) and abroad (Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, England, Canada, Russia,...).

He is also active as a saxophonist in a jazz/ska/swing ensemble, where he toured in United States and South Africa.

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Bb/A Clarinet
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