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Marie-Bernadette Charrier

Curious and impassioned by all the musical currents of today, Marie-Bernadette Charrier carries out an international career (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Australia, Tasmania, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil…) as a soloist and in chamber music with the ensemble Proxima Centauri of which she is the artistic Director.

She is regularly invited to perform in many international Events or Festivals (Ars Musica, Sonorities festival, Suona Francese, 38ème Rugissants, Radio France, Sintese, festival Latinoamericano de Caracas, festival Musicacoustica Beijing, les Jeudis of Villa Medicis …).

She has taken part in radio shows and recordings in Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Australia and is regularly invited to give conferences and masterclass in the world.

In constant relation with the composers, she promotes the development of a new original repertoire - which regularly integrates new technologies into the musician's tradition - practicing an active ordering policy with composers as Cendo, Alla, Arroyo, Cattaneo, Movio, Havel, Parra, Jodlowski, Moultaka, Malec, Markeas, Matalon, Rotella, Rudel Rey

She currently teaches the saxophone and chamber music at the PESMD (Pôle d’Enseignement Supérieur de Musique et de Danse) Bordeaux Aquitaine and the Conservatoire of Bordeaux, where she created in 1993 a class of interpretation of contemporary music for all instruments and she has been training generations of interpreters to the open practice of music of today.

Marie-Bernadette Charrier is Selmer artist, Honorary Member of the French Association of saxophonists and member of the International Saxophone Committee.

She has created over a three hundred original works for saxophone written for her and has recorded ten CDs.


An instrument must be a means of expression and not impose its expression.

Sopranino Saxophone
Super Action 80 Series II sopranino saxophone
Soprano Saxophone
Series III soprano

The Series III Soprano ensures greater playability, particularly as regards pitch and blowing.

The blowing emission of its high register extended to high G has been largely facilitated. Selecting a straight or curved neck allows to get well acquainted with it.

Alto Saxophone
Super Action 80 Serie II alto

The 'Super Action 80 Series II' called 'Series II' is the oldest model manufactured in our factory. It holds the acoustic qualities of historic models. Backbone of our catalogue, it is the alto versatile par excellence.

Tenor Saxophone
Series III Tenor

The 'Series III' Tenor has marked, when released in 1997, an actual revival of the great playing flexibility of the old models. This gives it an ease of playing very much appreciated by saxophonists of all levels.

Baritone Saxophone
Super Action 80 Series II Baritone

The 'Super Action 80 Series II' baritone offers excellent consistency of sound over the whole register, without break-up between low and high notes.

It develops a particularly warm and mellow tone, thus sublimating the features characteristic to this instrument.

Bass Saxophone
Super Action 80 Series II Bass

Its design and acoustic features enable it to be more than just a 'support' instrument and to play more in overtones as well as any other instrument with a more conventional range. It offers a real technical virtuosity through optimized ergonomics.

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