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Julien Duchet

After classical studies in transverse flute and a degree in musicology, Julien Duchet turned definitively towards jazz and improvised music by integrating the class of G. De Chassy at the CNR of Tours where he obtained a first prize in jazz saxophone in 2002. He continued his training in Paris with N. Dary, N. Folmer, and studied arrangement with P. Bertrand at the Paris 9th arrondissement Conservatory.

Poly-instrumentalist specialized in wind instruments, Julien Duchet has put his instrumental possibilities at the service of several musical styles (jazz, pop, funk, contemporary, electro...). In 2003, he produced a record with his septet: Le Septacornus : live !! and appears regularly on stage with groups such as: Why note? Connected, Moda-Moka, Duo2.

In 2004, he founds the quartet ON-OFF with J-M Herbreteau, O.Carole and L.Gérard and releases the album Fraggle Jazz. Since 2008, julien Duchet also plays as first trumpet in several bands, and brass sections, notably with La Shékè Groove Station with whom he plays festivals.

In 2007, he took part in the Montreal International Jazz Festival with the band La Zikabilo, with which he gave more than fifteen concerts in front of thousands of people. From this great experience, Julien Duchet founded his own band La Banda Jul, bringing together the best musicians from Tours, and proposing a festive and unbridled street music.

Julien Duchet joined Ben l'Oncle Soul's band in 2008 where he plays baritone saxophone and trumpet, and participates in the 2010 tour of this young talented and promising artist. In 2010, he obtains a double platinum record for the Ben l'Oncle Soul Tour 2010 with more than 200,000 albums sold and more than 200 concerts all over Europe.

Photo credit : Ronan Legendre

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