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Joonsung Park

South Korean saxophonist, Joonsung Park was born in 1985. He graduated from Yonsei University in 2012 with a degree in instrumental performance. He studied with Sung-hwan Lee and Seung-dong Lee before furthering his studies in France. He received a first prize diploma from the Conservatoire de Aubervilliers (DEM). He has also received awards from the Paris Conservatoire (Concertiste, 2015) and the Conservatoire de Versailles (Perfectionnement, 2017). He is the first Korean to receive the latter. His teachers have included Julien Petit, Phillipe Portejoie, and Vincent David. He has also participated in masterclasses with Claude Delangle, Vincent David, Christian Wirth, Daniel Gauthier, Masataka Hirano, Vincent le Quang, and Lars Mlekusch (23rd Université Européenne du Saxophone Stage, 2012), as well as Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David, and Jan Schulte-Bunert (11th International Master-Class for Classical Saxophone, 2014).

Joonsung Park has won several competition prizes in Korea and overseas. In 2009, he won the Korea Saxophone Ensemble Concours, Daejeon Hanbat Concours (overall winner), and the Gukmin Newspaper, Youngsang Art Hall Chamber Music & Organ Concours (silver medal). He won the Korea Saxophone Ensemble Concours again in 2010. In 2015 he awarded in Concours Européen ClariSax. He won the Yonsei University Wind Instrument Concours, general prize and the Ulsan University Wind Instrument Concours, general prize both also.

As a performer, Joonsung has performed with Conservatoire de Paris & Journées du Sax (Paris, France, 2014), Conservatoire de Paris & American Virtuosi of Houston performer (Paris, France, 2015), Centre Culturel Coréen & Jeunne talent, (performance by invitation, Paris, France, 2016), Journées du Sax (Versailles, France, 2016), CRD de St Germain en Laye (France, 2016), La Fondation BIERMANS & LAPÔTRE (Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris) Ensemble de Saxophone de Versailles (2017), and Collège d'Espagne Fondation (Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris), Ensemble de Saxophone de Versailles (2017).

He has also performed with the Korean Electronic Music Association (2017), Yonsei University Alumni Wind Ensemble (2018), and the Bulgaria Vratsa Orchestra (2018). Joonsung has also worked with numerous ensembles in Korea. These include, Korean Symphony Orchestra, Daejeon City Orchestra, Chungbuk Province Orchestra, Sejong Wind Ensemble, and Ditto Orchestra.

Joonsung is currently very active in his native South Korea as an instructor, performer, and ensemble leader. He is adjunct professor of saxophone performance at Yonsei Conservatory (Seoul). He also teaches at Chungnam University (Daejeon).

He is a member of the Project “S” Saxophone Ensemble and director of the Erato Saxophone Ensemble.

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