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Jean-Pierre Baraglioli

Jean-Pierre Baraglioli was born on 3 august  1957 in Paris. He obtained the Paris Conservatory First Prizes in saxophone and in chamber music.

He is solo saxophone player of  the Paris Garde Républicaine wind orchestra and Colonne Concert Orchestra. He performs as soloist in many countries ( Japan , China,,USA, Canada,  russia, Argentina, Australia , Thailande, Taiwan,latvia , hungary, Spanish, Italia, ….)

He is the intigator of the Misterioso editions and the cd label Daphénéo and many recordings with Marcel Azzola, Juan José Mosalini, Gustavo Beytelmann, Thierry Escaich, Sylvain Kassap, Eric Fischer, Chamber Orchestra of Riga, Caroline Meng, Hélène breschand…

He is the soprano player of the « quatuor de saxophones international » and the  « quatuor de saxophone 1846» . His curious nature leads him to organize meetings, recording, cds, first performance with musicians and composers bailing from differents backgrounds. He is a musician in constant motion, who contributes a lot to the renewing of the saxophone repertoire .

Soprano Saxophone
Series III soprano

The Series III Soprano ensures greater playability, particularly as regards pitch and blowing.

The blowing emission of its high register extended to high G has been largely facilitated. Selecting a straight or curved neck allows to get well acquainted with it.

Alto Saxophone
Reference Alto

It is the success of the famous Mark VI model that has widely inspired the design of the Alto Reference. Capable of giving an ample sound while keeping its roundness, characteristic of the historic models. It is a model which combines acoustic tradition and modern manufacturing. It is equipped with a bell slightly longer to open the low notes and produce a better tuning.

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