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Georgios Lygeridis

Georgios Lygeridis is a Greek saxophonist, born in South Africa. He studied the saxophone in France, in the class of Georges Porte in Creteil, then he graduated from the Soloists’ Department of the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne, class of Daniel Gauthier. At the same time he attended courses in contemporary improvisation and classical singing. Since 2006 Georgios holds a teaching position at the State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki and  the Conservatoire of the City of Neapoli. His students have won prizes in numerous national and international competitions.

He created the Sax Nouveau ensemble which has a strong presence in Greece. Several composers of the country have dedicated pieces to them. He often plays with the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki. He was a member of the Saxophone Quartet of Athens, the Macedonian Quartet, the Idée Fixe ensemble as well as contemporary improvisation ensembles, creating music for cinema and theatre. As a member of the Hermes Duo with pianist Eftihia Veniota he realized concerts in Greece and other European countries. 

Having a great interest in the creation of new repertoire, he collaborates with several Greek composers. Thus he premiered works by Christos Samaras, Paris Paraschopoulos, Savvas Tsiligiridis, Dimitris Bakas, Menelaos Peistikos, Ilias Nikolaidis, among others.

He recorded Paris Paraschopoulos’ Amphipolis. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Saxophone Association. He is often invited as a jury member of competitions in Greece and the Balkans. 

Georgios is the director of the international Olympic Sax Festival which aims to make known to the students as well as to the public of the country the possibilities of the saxophone by presenting the great artists and pedagogues of the instrument.

I dream of a sound of mind and soul, in harmony with light and beauty.

Soprano Saxophone
Series III soprano

The Series III Soprano ensures greater playability, particularly as regards pitch and blowing.

The blowing emission of its high register extended to high G has been largely facilitated. Selecting a straight or curved neck allows to get well acquainted with it.

Alto Saxophone
Series III alto

The 'Series III' Alto is no doubt the most performing of our catalogue. It is a very accurate model in terms of tuning and emission. It offers a great richness of tone.

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