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Florent Louman

Originally from the Toulouse region, Florent Louman discovered the saxophone and music through the wind band and the saxophone quartet. He then trained at the Toulouse and Lyon conservatories, years of study during which he participated in numerous chamber music projects, in harmony and symphony orchestras.

Bachelor of Musicology, holder of the State Diploma of saxophone teacher, in 2016 he obtained a Master of Pedagogy at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris (CNSMDP).

If his career has led him to teach in different structures, he is currently a professor at the Regional Conservatory of Toulon. Saxophonist with the Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine, he performs regularly with the Orchestre National d'Ile-de-France and the Symphonic Orchestra of Toulon’s Opera. A founding member of the Zahir Quartet, his taste for transcription and arrangement is put to good use in this formation in a desire to open up the repertoire for saxophone quartet.

Photo credit: Jérémie Dumbrill

Any knowledge that has not been preceded by a sensation is useless to me.

André Gide, Les nourritures terrestres (The Fruits of the Earth)

Alto Saxophone
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