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Ensemble MAD4clarinets

Mad4clarinets is considered one of the reference quartets of the Spanish music scene. It was born within the Symphony Orchestra of the Comunidad de Madrid (ORCAM) and is characterized by the use of all the instruments of the clarinet family. He made his presentation in 2004 in the Auditorium Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, a concert that RNE recorded and broadcast. It is made up of four clarinetists with a cosmopolitan vocation and eager for challenges, for a great journey in the staging of our current music, as evidenced by the multitude of creations that support them. Likewise, they have extensive experience in the field of symphonic and chamber music performance, as well as in the pedagogical field, as they are teachers in various conservatories under the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The MAD4clarinets ensemble participates in the most prestigious national and international festivals. Its most important successes have taken place at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, Cycle Ibermúsica, Alicante Contemporary Music Festival, Santander Festival, Venice Biennale, Festival Off Arteria, COMA Festival, ClarinetFest 2015 World Clarinet Congress, etc.

His performances include the absolute premiere at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, with the Orchestra of the Comunidad de Madrid, of Cristóbal Halffter's Concert for Four (2011); the premiere of the quartet version of Homenaje a Falla by Béla Kovács dedicated by the composer to MAD4clarinets and entitled A la Flamenca at the ClarinetFest World Clarinet Congress (2015); and the premiere in Spain of Cibulka's Concerto No. 2 Silvianum, for clarinet quartet and harmony orchestra played at the Monumental Theater of Madrid with the Madrid Harmony Orchestra (2016). In June 2017, they performed at the Pablo Casals Hall in San Juan de Puerto Rico with great critical and public success. In November 2019, they premiered the work for 4 clarinets and symphony orchestra, called Flamenquísimo in concert op 112, by the Spanish composer J. Susi during the VIII National Clarinet Congress held in Valencia.

MAD4clarinets features Justo Sanz, Eb clarinet, Josep Arnau, Bb clarinet, Pablo Fernández, basset horn, and Pedro Rubio, bass clarinet.

Eb Clarinet
Recital Eb clarinet

A top-of-the-line professional clarinet with a warm, rich and powerful tone, for a real presence.

An original design from Henri SELMER Paris with a larger body diameter.

Bb/A Clarinet
Recital Bb / A Clarinet

Unavoidable pillars of the Henri SELMER Paris range, the 'Recital' clarinets offer an incomparable density and roundness of sound.

Bb/A Clarinet
Signature Bb / A Clarinet

Centered and powerful, the 'Signature' clarinet offers a rich palette of colors.

Bass Clarinet
Low C Privilege bass clarinet

Boehm system, B-flat Privilege Bass Clarinet to low C. The exceptional acoustics are in keeping with the Henri SELMER Paris tradition. The ergonomics and an amazing ease of blowing give a real playing comfort.

Basset Horn
Basset horn

F Basset Horn Clarinet Silver plated keys (AO)

Who wouldn't think of Mozart and his Requiem when considering this instrument that was also a favourite of Strauss and Massenet?

Previously bent in the middle, today's basset horn is straight in form and has a metal neck.

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