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Ensemble Kebyart

Born in Barcelona, Kebyart is one of the most promising ensembles of the current music scene. These four talented musicians share an endless passion for chamber music and wish to bring fresh air in the way classical music is communicated.


Since its beginnings in 2014, Kebyart has searched excellence through a never-ending interest in musical roots. This engagement with the message of music has led them to receive continuous tuition from some of the most renowned musicians and chamber groups, such as Cuarteto Casals, Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartett), Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartett), Cuarteto Quiroga, bassoonist Sergio Azzolini and pianists Claudio Martínez-Mehner and Anton Kernjak. Furthermore, in order to reach new horizons, they enrich the sonority of the saxophone quartet collaborating with outstanding artists like Dénes Várjon, Xavier Sabata and Albert Guinovart.

And where does their name come from? Explosive contrasts of tempi, dynamics and colours. These are the qualities of gamelan gong kebyar, a group of instruments that become a unity after long time of collective practice. The unique virtuosity and energy of kebyar causes the ecstasy of Balinese community, emotions that the four saxophonists aim to bring to their audiences.

Their endeavour to transform their performances into a unique experience results in an explosive and vibrant staging, which has been praised by audiences and specialized critics. The distinctive signature of Kebyart is revealed in a creative and open approach to the repertoire, which goes in three directions: the original literature, the commitment with nowadays music and their own arrangements of wide variety styles.

Their glittering career has sparked the interest of the major concert halls in Europe and consequently they have been selected as ECHO Rising Stars for the 2021-22 season, crystallizing in their debut in more than a dozen venues and festivals such as Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Wiener Musikverein, Paris Philharmonie, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden… In addition, they have been touring in countries all around Europe and Asia being scheduled in the seasons of Wigmore Hall, Konzerthaus Berlin, Stadtcasino Basel, Schubertíada Vilabertran, Palau de la Música Catalana, L’Auditori…

Their interpretations have secured them some of the most recognised European chamber music awards. Among them, the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition (Switzerland), the International Franz Cibulka Competition (Austria), and two of the most important prizes in their country: the Primer Palau, organised by Palau de la Música Catalana and the prestigious BBVA Chamber Music Prize. Additionally, from 2018 they are one of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA).

As ambassadors of the brand, Kebyart plays Selmer Paris saxophones.

Pere Méndez, soprano saxophone
Víctor Serra, alto saxophone
Robert Seara, tenor saxophone
Daniel Miguel, baritone saxophone

Photo credit: Igor Studio

Breathing together

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Baritone Saxophone
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