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Ensemble E.CLA Hauts-de-France

The Association E.CLA Hauts-de-France is a clarinet collective which has for goal:

  • the reflection on the teaching, the analysis, the practice of the clarinet
  • a cooperative body for networking and providing various resources
  • to encourage the creation, renewal and analysis of the clarinet repertoire
  • to carry out awareness and training actions
  • offer consulting services

As such, the association may carry out any project or action that can directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of its purpose.

E.CLA is based in Lille and is aimed at all lovers, enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals of the clarinet!

E.CLA is the clarinet in connected mode with the will to open up and bring its reflections and experiences to the world of clarinetists…

E.CLA: a musical project, but above all a human adventure!

Photo credit: Mathias Roger

The clarinet in connected mode!

Bb/A Clarinet
Privilege Bb / A Clarinet

Recognized for their great versatility and their stability, the 'Privilège' clarinets stand out through their aesthetics, ergonomics and tuning.

Bb/A Clarinet
Signature Bb / A Clarinet

Centered and powerful, the 'Signature' clarinet offers a rich palette of colors.

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