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Artem Golodnyuk


Artem Golodnyuk is a leading Ukrainian saxophonist, laureate of international competitions. He works in different music genres and styles.

Artem received his music education at the Khmelnytsky Music School named after V. Zaremba (class of V. Repetsky, 2002-2005), and the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after I. Tchaikovsky (associate professor M. Mimrik, 2005-2013).

2007-2019 – soloist and artist of the National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine, as part of which has participated in various festivals, including XXIV Contemporary Music Festival “Kontrasty” (Lviv, 2018), Porto Franko Gogol Fest International Festival (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2016 -2018); collaborated with famous musicians (Brian Connolly, Caleb Brinkley) during a tour of the US Air Force Band in Europe – (United States Air Force Band) – Kyiv, 2018.

Artem has also performed as a soloist with the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce, the Khmelnytsky Symphony Orchestra, the Kiev Saxophone Quartet.

He has participated in master classes of leading saxophonists, including Daniel Gauthier, Jean Denis Michat, Christian Wirth, Claude Delangle, Margarita Shaposhnikova.

Artem Golodnyuk is a member and co-founder of New Age Quartet (soprano saxophone), the only Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble in Ukraine (soprano saxophone), and the VoiceSaxPiano trio. He participates in the concert life of the famous Frankyjazz band. Since 2018 he has been a regular member of the duet LifeOn Duo.

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