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Thomas Hornig Saxophonist Thomas Hornig is American by birth but is Married to Mrs. Rouieda Ghali – Hornig and has lived and worked as a music educator in Beirut for nearly two decades. In 1994, Thomas was named Professor at Lebanon’s National Conservatory of Music. He is a Graduate of the Famous “Ecole Normale De Musique de Paris” and is the principle Saxophonist of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra. As well as performing Bizet’s “L’Arlésienne in the orchestra’s very first concert in 2000, Thomas has made nearly thirty appearances with the Philharmonic Orchestra since then – a record Matched by only of a few saxophonists worldwide. Thomas is also one of the founding professors of “LeBam”- which provides performance opportunity and musical education for young musicians and is sponsored by Lebanese MP Ghassan Mokheiber. In 2013, Thomas a Professor in the Jazz Studies Department at Notre Dame University, Louaize where he teaches Jazz Theory, Afro Cuban Music and Jazz Sight singing. He has toured throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the Caribbean Seas with many of Lebanon’s most celebrated artists, American and French Musicians including: Charbel Rouhana, Julia Boutros, Omayma Khalil, Ousamma Rahbani, Arthur Satyan, The D & G Band, Theirry Paul, Michel Bontemps, Yochko Seffer, Christian Rakoatoriviny , Manu Fraiman The NY Hotel- Euro Disney Band, Holland America Cruises Entertainment, The 298th U.S Army Band/Berlin to name a few. Thomas is currently performing with Charbel Rouhana and Arthur Satyan at frequent intervals. For more info please see “Performances” and/or please visit Tom’s Facebook page.
In 1990, Thomas was recruited to study at Ecole Normale by the celebrated Classical Saxophonist, Professor Alain Bouhey. Known as one of the premiere Conservatories in Europe, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris has a long history of producing some of the worlds finest musicians and was made even more famous by it’s teaching staff which included Igor Stravinsky, Nadia Boulanger, Georges Dandalot, Pierre Petit and many more monumental figures.
Thomas has been at the forefront of social activism in Beirut for many years with his personal campaign to reform Lebanon’s 1925 Nationality Law that has kept his daughter from receiving Lebanese Nationality from her Lebanese mother even though she was born in Beirut and has lived her entire life in Lebanon. In 2010, Thomas inspired the then Lebanese Minister of State, Mona Effeiche, to lobby on behalf of the 77,000 victims of the discriminatory Nationality law and two weeks later Lebanon’s Counsel of Ministers voted to give permanent residency to those effected. This achievement provided relief from enormous hardship for thousands. In some cases the decision kept children of Lebanese women from incarceration for lack of a residence permit. Once eighteen years of age, only a work permit would allow them to remain in the country of their birth. Thomas stopped this insanity when he lobbied the Minister of State and considers this one of his greatest achievements.