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Franck Wolf
Saxophonist from the age of eight , arranger and composer Franck Wolf studied saxophone and percussion at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg - France.
Founding member of straSax and Triophone , he created in 2011 the Franck Wolf Trio with Marcel Loeffler on accordion and Davide Petrocca on double bass.
After the album " Bol d' Air " , they recorded a new repertoire with André Ceccarelli on drums, during a residency at The Castine Reichshoffen ( release end 2014 ) .
Since 2004, Franck has participated alongside Bireli Lagrene , to 4 albums and a DVD released by Dreyfus Jazz and Universal, up to 400 concerts in New York, Montreal , Moscow , Vienna, Marciac , Den Haag, Istanbul, Paris ...
He currently plays in the guitar ist 's quartet with Jean - Yves Jung on organ and Jean - Marc Robin on drums.
Franck also played with Didier Lockwood, Sara Lazarus, Dominique Di Piazza , Hadrien Ferau d , Andy Narrel , Steve Ferrone , Diego Imbert, Franck Agulhon ...