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 Trevor Hogg

Trevor Hogg

"Trevor Hogg's artistic integrity has built a highly sophisticated musical style devoid of sentimentalism, placing him within the rare category of musicians' musician." - David Braid

Canadian saxophonist Trevor Hogg has performed across North America, Korea, and Western Europe, with Canadian artist such as: David Braid, Michael Herring, Don Scott, Nick Fraser, Tara Davidson, Steve Wallace, Richard Whiteman, Kieran Overs, Jerry Fuller, Kenji Omae, and David Smith. He has also spent time in Holland performing with Dutch jazz artists Ferdinand Povel, Peter Beets, Juraj Stanik and many others. In Toronto, he leads his own group which Mike Murley describes as “one of Canada’s leading proponents of the melodically inventive tradition of saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh.”


Tenor Super Action Balance

Peripheral Vision